hahaha wow ok so I accidentally signed up for amazon prime for students. idk how that happened. I was clicking stuff then all of a sudden it turned into “amazon prime” and I was oh no. 
Checked my account, saw I bought prime, then immediately got a refund.
haha ain’t nobody got money fo dat. The amount of money they charged for prime was more than a used textbook I’m trying to buy.
I only have 2 textbooks. The rest are all either literary books or short stories for authors and I’m probably gonna go buy those at like b&n or HBP.


i salute you for all the women out there.

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37 English teachers in South Korea arrested and booked on charges for selling and using marijuana



37 English teachers in South Korea, many of them foreigners, were arrested and booked on charges of smuggling, selling, and taking marijuana. 

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I don’t care much about weed, but what pisses me off is that someone actually dared to teach / be around children while high. 
Are you serious?? 


I think I figured it out. 
I think my dog is allergic to grain.


why is he so high maintenance.


me in math class


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